Rebel Paddletail

A Rebel with a soft tail, this tail gives the bait its irresistable action. Combine a heavy shaking body with a loud build in rattle and you'll understand why this bait rings the dinnerbell. It weighs 100gr so it's a very nice lure to cast, but perfect for trolling as well. it's being fished with one treble, but don't worry: they hit it hard! 

Length:       20 cm
Weight:       100 gr
Sinkrate:      Slow sink
Rattle:          Standard
Depth:         0,5/1,5meter
Treble:          1x 3/0
Price:            € 59,50

Renegade paddletail

For those who think the Rebel paddletail is a bit too small i've created the Renegade paddletail. A pretty big lure that's still very good to cast but also can be used for trolling. it has a wide bodyprofile and a loud rattle to provoke the pike to strike.

Length:       25 cm
Weight:       160 gr
Sinkrate:      Slow sink
Rattle:          Standard
Depth:         1/2 meter
Treble:          2x 3/0
Price:           € 74,50

Renegade curlytail
After a lot of trial and error I succeeded in making a Renegade tailbait.  And the best thing is that its notorious wide glide and wiggle action is still there. Just with a little extra curly attraction, a game changer!

Length:      20 cm 
Weight:      100 gr
Sinkrate:     Slow
Rattle:         Standard
Depth:         1/2 meter
Treble:          2x 2/0
Price:            € 59,50