The Doctor a.k.a. Tench
The tench is a three piece shallowrunning swimbait with a supersexy swimmingaction! Due to its size this bait is perfect for trolling and casting, the swimming action kicks in at very low speeds (around 1,5 kph)

When casting it, play with it on the retrieve, it will shoot glidebait like to the left or right, making a 180 turn topped off with a great hangtime!

Let it run deeper by simply adding some weight on the nose of your leader.

Length:      26 cm
Weight:      250 gr
Sinkrate:    Slow
Depth:         0.5 to .. with extra weight
Treble:         2x 3/0
Price:           €129,50

A big three piece swimbait made for the unicorns of the lake, comes with custom made flex fins on the back and tail to increase hook-up ratio!
If trolling for big pike is your game then this perch should be on the end of your line!
(Also for alphamen who prefer casting such giants)

Comes in several perchlike color patterns, custompaint possible on request!

Length:      30 cm
Weight:      330 gr
Sinkrate:     medium
Depth:         2 to .. with extra weight
Treble:         2x 3/0 with double rings
Price:           €149,50